Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small Drugstore Makeup Haul

I really couldn't help myself with two Buy One Get One 50% Off sales going on at once for Revlon and Maybelline. My friend had wanted the Red Velvet lip butter so I picked up the Pink Truffle color for myself, which is why there's only one Revlon item in the photo.

I've been looking for a liquid liner pen for a while now and have been debating looking to Asian brands for it, but the price tag on those products are pretty steep. The Maybelline purchase was sort of a chain reaction since I really wanted to try the Dream Bouncy blush once I heard that the blush itself actually feels sort of bouncy or springy. So since I had one Maybelline product already I was deciding between the really hyped cream shadows or this liner. I'm really not a cream shadow person so I went with the liner.

Reviews will be up shortly for both Maybelline products as soon as I can play with them a bit. As for the Revlon lip butter in Pink Truffle, it really isn't as pink as I had expected it to be. It's more of a brownish pink and turns out to be a kind of "my lips but better" shade for me. However, I have my Clinique Honey for that already so I wasn't as excited as I was initially about this one.

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