Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maybelline Master Precise Ink Pen by Eye Studio

I've been experimenting with the new Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner pen or ink pen as they call it. It's been about a week I would say and I decided that it was time to finally post my review on it.

This pen advertises that it's a 12 hour wear liquid eyeliner and that the pen has continuous flow "for smooth and even lines." Maybelline also points out that their pen has an "exclusive ultra thin 0.4mm brush tip." The packaging is made of plastic and very light weight with white lettering printed on it. It's definitely not the most fancy packaging out there but there's something sleek and modern about it.

I've been able to use this a couple of times for roughly a week since buying this pen and that's basically as much as I'm ever going to use this pen. Although the formula for this pen is not waterproof and washes off very easily with water and soap, it actually does wear for a nice long while. I was really surprised that I went through a whole day and my eyeliner still looked good. Plus, the ink is nice and black, though there was a slight sheen to it after the liner dried.

Now lets get to the reason of why I basically won't be using this liquid eyeliner pen anymore. In the beginning I really loved that 0.4mm brush tip. It made attempting more dramatic winged liner very easy once i got the hang of using a liner pen. At the half a week mark however, I noticed that the ink wasn't drawn as dark by the tip as it was before. This made lining my eyes a  bit more tricky since I really depended on that fine point of the brush. As I got closer to a full week, the pen would work moderately well for one eye and then not really have enough ink for the other eye. If I pressed down on the thicker part of the brush worked perfectly, but what I wanted was to use the 0.4mm tip! And now it's been a week and the tip of the pen doesn't even really work for one eye.

Those light lines in the middle in the photo above are drawn with the tip. It didn't use to come out that way. It actually used to be nice and dark like that thicker line at the very top. After swatching the thinner lines, the tip of the brush was too dry to swatch with the tip any longer although there was plenty of ink farther up the brush. It's a bit of a waste actually since there's still so much ink left to use, it's just nowhere near the tip of the pen. I store this pen upside down as well if you're wondering and that no longer helps. It's like the ink won't travel all the way to the tip.

So, yea. Now I have a liquid liner pen that I can't really use although the formula is actually pretty nice. It's really too bad that the design is flawed on this product. I think it's time for me to really consider the Dolly Wink liquid liner pen since I've been hearing great things about that. Although, I talked to the saleswoman at Sune and she said that the Dolly Wink pen has not been FDA approved yet, only the pencils. How I'm going to get my hands on this product will be something for me to think on it seems.

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