Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

So I totally broke down and bought the Bouncy Blush after I found out that it actually feels bouncy! And then I proceeded to buy a second one.

The first shade I purchased is Pink Plum. It's not quite as plum as I wished it to be but it is a very nice subtle pink. The texture is more squishy than bouncy to me since it doesn't actually go back to it's originally shape if you press into it. Maybelline  describes this blush as feeling, "lightweight like a powder, yet melts into skin like a cream."

Later on, I also bought Peach Satin, which looks nothing like the Dream Mousse Peach Satin. This is a coral blush that leans more towards a reddish orange. Strangely, this particular blush does not have the same texture as Pink Plum. Instead, Peach Satin is a mix between Dream Mousse and the Bouncy Blush because when I lift my finger off the blush, it creates peaks like the Dream Mousse did, but it is also has that squish factor that the Bouncy Blush has.

Peach Satin

What I  like about these blushes are that they don't leave a tacky feeling like a cream blush does but gives that nice natural glow like a cream. These blushes are also on the sheer side so I don't have to worry about overly bright cheeks when I use these in the morning. Of course, the color can be built but I find that these blushes are so easy to use when short on time. The packaging is great too since I don't have to deal with twist lids, I just flip it open. This blush also lasts a whole work day for me. I noticed that I still had a nice subtle flush to my cheeks when I finally get home. So if you're the kind that does not quite like cream blushes, this might be a great product to try. Plus the novelty of having a blush that is sort of squishy is kinda fun.

Left: Pink Plum. Right: Peach Satin.

Have you tried it? What other shades do you recommend? I'm considering getting 1 or 2 more of these since I the texture is so unique.

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  1. I could play with this blush all day...just poking it.