Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sally Hansen: Wine Not

This week's color is a nice rich red color that makes me think of the holidays. Personally, I think this shade is a bit too bright and red to be considered wine. This polish is almost reaching the side of burgundy but it's definitely not a burgundy shade.

I really like that this is not an intimidating red to wear at all. Most likely, the pink undertone is what makes it so forgiving. When I really focus up close on this polish, I see that it has very fine pink toned shimmer. In fact, the first coat of this polish had me a bit worried because it looked fuchsia. In the photo I have on 3 coats, although I think 2 would have sufficed.

If you're looking for a fun red to wear that's available all year around, I'd check this shade out.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sally Hansen: Save the Date

Today just wasn't my day for nail painting. I had the hardest time since I didn't have a steady hand and had to fix messed up nails too often. But it was time to do them again and I really wanted to try out this new color.

Save the date is a gorgeous rich maroon color with magenta shimmer. It's a great shade for the colder seasons because it's a great pop of color in the midst of gloomy weather but also sophisticated and a little vampy.

If you're a fan of the Diamond Strength line of nail polishes, I'd go and checkout your local drugstore soon. I was able to get this color on sale because my local Walgreens has started selling a repackaged version of Diamond Strength, so I'm assuming they're trying to get rid of all the old bottles. The bottle now has a new design, looking more like a gemstone.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

I have been so busy lately. By the time I get home, there definitely isn't any good natural light left for photographing. Anyways, between my last post and now, I was able to acquire 3 lip butters. My goal was to actually get the deeper colors and the reds, but I've been to at least 10 different Walgreens in San Francisco and only the lighter shades or the browner shades were left in the store. I'm definitely still on the lookout for them since I hear that these will be permanent, but I do want them sooner rather than later. I guess this same mentality is the reason all shades I'm searching for are snapped up so quickly!

FYI, I have since acquired 6 more lip butters and swatches can be found by clicking here: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters Part 2!

First off, I have to say that these lip butters are as fantastic as all the hype brings you to believe. They are hydrating, pigmented, and they give you shine. There is no taste nor any scent, which is a major plus for me. As for staying power, I have no complaints really. They aren't advertised as long wearing so I'm not surprised at all that I need to reapply after my meal, besides that they last just fine for me. These lip butters are just that great and I highly recommend them.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

China Glaze: Snow Globe

I had heard about the new China Glaze holiday nail polishes since October, however I was unable to find a single one anywhere. My local Sally Beauty Supply suggested that I come back in November to check again, so I waited and when I was able to I dropped by and picked up Snow Globe. I love opalescent or pearly glitter and when I heard about this one I was basically on the hunt for it. Realistically, I wouldn't wear this on bare nails, but I have great plans for layering it over colors.

Here I have on Essie's Smooth Sailing and on top of that I have on China Glaze's Snow Globe. I think this looks quite fun, although not quite fall in spirit. Still, I'd rather satisfy my whims when it comes to my nails than be a slave to seasonal trends.

I will have to give fair warning that this formula is on the thick side, just a bit. Also, even though the formula is thick, the application of glitter isn't. For the photo above, I had to apply two coats for it to look that way. However, I like the hexagonal and smaller round glitter this one has. I had seen that Orly also released a similar polish except it had much smaller glitter and formula was a bit murky while China Glaze was clear. I also hear that Deborah Lippman, Stila, and M.A.C. are also releasing glitter polish along these lines but the price tag packs a wallop. So for price point and appearance, China Glaze won it's place in my collection.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wet n' Wild: Baked, Not Fried

I've finally gotten around to posting about the new Wet n' Wild Baked, Not Fried palette. I'm quite excited about these eyeshadows, however, San Francisco has been rather gloomy and overcast so photographing the swatches were a bit of a pain. I could never get the lighting right and good lighting would disappear so very quickly.

Now as you may have noticed from the photograph, this palette has actually been called Bake-Off Contest prior to the release in Walgreens stores. I suppose decisions were made to swap the names for the neutral and blue baked palettes. This particular set is now officially sold with the name Baked, Not Fried and comes with a copper shimmer pencil.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wet n' Wild: Baking a Cake

Last week my local Walgreens finally stocked the new Wet n' Wild baked palettes. I picked up two of them but have only been able to play around with the more pinky purple palette.

Working with this palette, I would have to say that four out of the six shades give great pigmentation when dry. Now as for the sort of periwinkle and magenta shades, although quite bold in the pan, don't perform very well when dry at all. The magenta shade was even actually kind of chalky when I attempted to swatch it.