Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

So this was birthday month and while I was at Sephora treating myself to a new eyeshadow palette, I also picked up my complimentary birthday gift. This month it was deluxe samples of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.

This cute little box came with the regular transparent lip treatment and the rose tinted one. Both are 2.2 grams are basically miniature sized versions of the original. This balm offers SPF 15 protection, seed oils, antioxidant vitamins, and of course, sugar.

I've been using these lip treatments now for about 2 weeks and I quite like them. First of all, I love that these have SPF 15 yet I can't taste the sun protection. Usually, I can either smell or taste the sunscreen in lip products that contain it. The scent is also amazing for this balm, smelling slightly citrus and freshly sweet. The texture is somewhat thick but not oily and doesn't feel heavy on the lips at all.

Overall, I feel that the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are good. They've been keeping my lips moisturized and soft with no taste but a pleasant smell. The rose version also gives my lips a soft natural rosy tint that I've been gravitating to more than actual lipsticks because it's much easier to use especially on days I don't have time to be looking in a mirror to apply my lip color again. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are one of the better lip balms I've tried and I haven't really liked a balm that contained sunscreen in a very long time so I am really happy with these.

The price tag on this does make me shy away though. For $22.50, it does hurt my wallet just a bit and make me uncertain if I would actually go out to buy full sized versions of them. But really, buying the Sugar Lip Treatment would just mean I can't buy some other high end make up item. So it is very much about preference.

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