Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clio Professional Art Lip Gloss

I had another review in mind but last night while out for dinner, I stumbled upon a cute little beauty shop called, Sune, that sold Asian skin care and cosmetic products. I was really excited to just be in the store and I ended up picking up some stuff. This post will be about the lip gloss I bought, but I did also buy a bow velcro pad for my hair, some make up wipes by Lioele, and My Beauty Diary facial masks. What's cool about this store is that I was able to basically customize my own My Beauty Diary box. For me, a box of 10 masks is $16 but for the same price at this store, I could choose several types of masks from My Beauty Diary plus also masks from 2 other brands. But back to the main topic of this post.

Clio Professional was on sale at Sune and I was really drawn to the color of this gloss, which is Pink Peach A118, and the packaging. If you notice the top of the lip gloss has a sort of picture embedded. Clio Professional has a whole line of make up apparently that has different pieces of art work on the packaging. This gloss comes with your standard doe foot applicator by the way.

Unfortunately, Sune did not carry any of the Art Blushers which are really pretty from what I was able to see online. I was really on the search for blush in this store, but nothing caught my eye. As for Clio Professional, I don't know much about this company except that it is a Korean brand. According to the box, this lip gloss was formulated in Italy.

The formula for this gloss is sort of thin and not very sticky. It actually feels slick on the lips, not oily but definitely a slippery sensation. The verdict is still out on whether I find that a good or bad thing. What I don't like about this gloss is the glitter which I can sometimes feel when I press my lips together. This is why I think the thinner formula can be a good thing because from experience, a thicker gloss will definitely make that glitter feel more apparent. There is also a slight fruity scent to this gloss, but no taste. A total plus for me because I tend to avoid lip products that have flavors.

I probably should have gone with a bolder gloss color since I always go for the pink or peachy shades, but I fell into my old habits again. This is a nice color if you want to warm up your cooler lip shades, plus the sparkle is very pretty as well.

Now where can you get all this fun stuff? If you're in San Francisco, you can find this shop in the Sunset District. Here's a photo of Sune's business card.

Let me know if you pick up anything for yourself. Or is there a place you can recommend for me to visit for Asian beauty products?

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