Sunday, September 30, 2012

Revlon Nail Art Stencils: Bows

Is it just me or does it seem like new collections are being released more frequently this fall. Wandering through my Walgreens to pick up some cold remedies and what not, I came across Revlon's Sweetly Sinister nail art display. It's obviously gearing towards Halloween, but some of the stencils aren't Halloween specific.

The collection comes with a couple of Revlon's Top Speed nail polishes, and six different sets of stencils. I purchased the bow and star stencils, but there are also spider, mustache, skull and cross bone, and heart stencils available for $4.99. Each set comes with ten stencils.

So far I've only used one of the bow stencils, if you haven't already taken notice by the first picture. My base manicure is currently Sally Hansen's Save the Date and my bow is OPI's Number One Nemesis.

The process was super simple since these stencils are self adhesive, so you just position it the way you'd like and apply your desired shade over it. The final step is to just peel it off and tada! I applied my topcoat a bit too soon, I think, since the silver particles sort of moved around a tad on me, but the bow still looks very cute. One of the issues that crop up when you have shapes like bows and mustaches, is that it looks upright to me but it turns out upside down to an observer. Next time, I'll try placing my bow the way the display demonstrated and see which I prefer.

Since my stencil was still sticky after peeling it off my nail I took a Q-Tip with a bit of nail polish remover and cleaned off the excess polish and stuck it back with the other bow stencils again. It worked out pretty well, except that the little bits that help create that negative space in the bow started to curl a bit. I'm guessing I can use a bow stencil only twice before those little bits stop sticking or become too curly to use.

As you can see, that top left stencil stuck back in pretty well.

I suspect that less intricate designs like the mustache and stars would face reuse better since there aren't any little pieces that can rip off or curl as much. But until I give my stars stencil a try I can't say for sure, so stay tuned!


  1. these didnt work at all for me or my friends?
    i paid 7 dollars for it, you only get ten and so far i tried two neither worked, im pretty mad about it, how did you get it to stick on,
    when i take it off nothing sticks.

    1. I'm not sure how you're using them. These stencils are self adhesive so just firmly press the bow part to your nail and make sure it sticks. Once you do that, just take a nail polish and dab it over the bow cut out of the stencil. When you're satisfied with the coverage, give like 15 seconds for it to settle and peel the stencil off. But you have to make sure your base layer is completely dry before sticking the stencil on it.

    2. well none of it worked for me,
      i had to use a make up sponge and dab it on thanks anyway!

    3. I'm glad you found a method that yielded some result! I have tried the Stars stencil and I had to try a couple of times to get it to look right. I actually had to redo a whole nail because it didn't look good. I suppose I had an affinity for the Bow stencil and not the Stars one.