Sunday, June 28, 2015

e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette

I've been really loving blush palettes lately. I just think they're so convenient. I love being able to travel with multiple blushes at once without having singles just floating around in my makeup bag. Granted, I don't own an excessive number of blush palettes, since I did have to be realistic about how much blush I actually need (which in truth, I have more than I should already).

Recently, I went on a trip to Las Vegas and e.l.f.'s Studio Blush Palette came with me on the trip. This little palette has been really impressing me with it's quality and I only spent $6 on it at Target. Since, I'm on the fair side, I went with the Light palette.

With this palette, it comes with 2 shades of pink (a medium tone and a red leaning tone), a terracotta shade, and a coral blush with gold sparkle. The pigmentation is awesome and a tap is usually all I need with my brush to have enough color. The texture is velvety and soft enough to really let your brush pick up the product. I will admit that I have made the mistake of applying too much blush though because I underestimated the pigmentation. The wear time has been great with these blushes too. I get through most of the day with them.

My favorite shades to use are the two pinks on the left side, but I have attempted to use all of them. The terracotta shade on the top right corner is a bit orange for me to be using as a contour or bronzer so I've only used it as a blush and it's been a great summery color to use. The coral shade also wasn't as much of a glitter bomb as I had feared but since it's on the redder side, I also exercise a lot of moderation with that one.

Swatches go clockwise from the palette's placement.
One of the more interesting features of this palette is the fact that the blushes actually pop out of the palette itself. The plastic casing around them stays, but I suppose you can still stick a magnet on the bottom if you would like to put them in a custom palette also. The design of the palette leaves the bottom of the blushes exposed so you could basically switch between the original palette and your own magnetic one without much fuss.

I definitely think I got a value with this palette. The price is really affordable and the shades included are versatile enough to complement multiple looks. There aren't many blush palettes available on the market at drugstore prices so I am super pleased with this one.

I've been considering a post about my beauty essentials when traveling to Vegas, So be on the lookout for that. 

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