Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nail of the Day

Really, I should just be calling this Nail of the Week, considering I usually wear my polish for a week before changing it out.

So...more flowers!

I've had this obsession with making branches lately and that basically meant more flowers! I was envisioning more tiny flowers on the branches, but the dotting tool I used created bigger dots than anticipated. I might experiment with my tools more to achieve the tiny flowers I wanted. The look though still turned out pretty so I don't feel disappointed.

I again used the Avon Nail Art Enamel in Black Drama for the branches. This time I wanted a mint green background for all the nails and I used Orly's Jealous Much? to accomplish that. Then for the silver dots, I used Wet n' Wild Fergie in Going Platinum. The white flowers were made using L'oreal I Will! I added cavier beads that came in a rainbow mix from Essence. That was quite the test of patience to pick out only the light green ones.

I think for my next attempt at nail art, I'm going to move away from just random flowers and think about a theme. 

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