Monday, April 23, 2012

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Parrot

It's not quite summer yet in San Francisco, what with the fog and wind we've had. So far we had only two or three days of very warm weather and that was that. Of course that didn't stop me from wanting bright nail polish.

I believe that this is supposed to be part of the summer collection, but I may be wrong. With a name like Parrot, it certainly makes me think of sun and beaches. When I first saw this on the display, I was drawn to it because it wasn't a mint green nor a turquoise teal type of shade. I personally call this my green apple candy color. It just takes me back to when I would eat candy artificially flavored as green apple and either the wrapper was this particular shade or the candy itself was. I just think this is just an absolutely fun color to wear and I couldn't help but look at them and be happy while I wore it.

The formula was a bit thick but it wasn't streaky. At least not so much that a good top coat couldn't mask it. Also, this polish is opaque enough that two coats could do depending on how thick each coat is. The wide brush that the Complete Salon Manicure line is known for also really helps in applying an even layer. If you haven't already noticed from the photo, this polish does dry darker when compared to the bottle. I don't mind the darkening and most of the time I didn't notice the difference anyway.

Parrot is definitely my favorite out of all the summer shades offered, but I do suggest checking the collection out if you can. I purchased this one for around $7.49 at my local Walgreens, which is strange since the permanent collection is priced at $8.99 each. Who knows why there's such a difference, but I'm not going to complain.


  1. I am not entirely sure what season that collection is for--it's got summer colors like this one & then all those darks which seem more fall to me. Regardless, this is a nice green!

    1. I wondered about those dark shades too! There was a solid selection of summer type shades and the darker one seem like they were added as an after thought. Not to mention the strange names too...Petrol for a dark navy blue and Oxblood? Not my favorite name there.