Friday, April 27, 2012

Butter London: Tart with a Heart

I have been avoiding glitter nail polishes for a while now because I'm too lazy to deal with the removal. It's a chore and I'd rather not have to go through it. But when I saw Tart with a Heart, I fell in love with how classy and unusual this polish is.

I have layered this glitter over China Glaze's Fast Track from the recent Hunger Games collection. Although this glitter is gorgeous, it does apply a bit thin so putting it over Fast Track allowed me to achieve the desired glitter density in only two coats. I think this will be one of my favorite combos all year around since it's neutral but attention grabbing. I had several people compliment my nails whenever they had the chance to catch a glimpse of them.

The composition of this glitter polish is rather unusual and trying to figure it out left me a bit crossed eyed. First of all, there's lots and lots of golden micro glitter in what looks to be a cloudy base. There's also some black micro glitter tossed in the mixed. If that wasn't enough, the polish has larger iridescent glitter as well and I think maybe just a touch of iridescent micro glitter. So much is going on with this polish that even my camera had a hard time focusing, as can be seen below. It has a good focus on my pinky and ring fingers but the other two aren't as good. It made for an interesting photo to say the least.

For someone who generally avoids glitter, I was apprehensive while gathering my nail polish remover and cotton pads. Surprisingly, removing Tart with a Heart wasn't as difficult as I imagined it would be. Sure, it took a bit of time but the glitter wasn't cemented to my nails like some other glitters nor did it shred up my cotton pads in the process. I only had to use two cotton pads like I would for regular polishes, one for each hand. So I'm definitely looking forward to wearing this on all my nails again.

Coming up, I recently received my Urban Decay purchase from Hautelook and I might be trying a new mascara since my Revlon one is starting to get dry and clumpy. I've also been considering some skincare posts as well to share which products have been really helping my skin. So look out for those!


  1. Gorgeous polish! Really like it. Very classy. I prefer the way it looks layered though s it might work out kind of expensive.