Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dolly Wink: Naturally Dolly False Lashes

I've been wanting to use false lashes for a while now, but the ones I can get at my drugstore are actually too overwhelming for my eyes I feel. The lashes can also be too long for my eyes as well. So I've been turning to Asian brands to see what's available.

This was $17.99 at Sune which makes each set about $9 dollars. Definitely pricey for some lashes, but I really liked how they looked. The set comes with a little Dolly Wink lash glue, which I haven't tried. I may one day, but I wanted to work with the lashes using Duo since I know it doesn't cause any allergic reactions for me. Also, on the back you get an example of what the lashes would like on the model's eyes as you can see below. This was really helpful when I was trying to decide which lashes from Dolly Wink I wanted to purchase.

These lashes are on a transparent band so they are super flexible. I did find that the bands were too long for my eyes so I had to trim about a 1/4 of it off to fit comfortably on my lids. What's interesting with these lashes is that you can have two slightly different sets of lashes depending on how you trim it. You can have more natural lashes if you trim on the side that is supposed to be the outer corners of the eyes.

Only mascara.

False lashes trimmed on the outer part.

Or, you can have a bit more fullness that is still rather natural looking by snipping off a bit from the side that should be the inner corner as seen below.

The both ways of trimming the lashes still give you a subtle definition to the eyes and seen as part of a whole look, you'd probably barely notice. Below you can see the lashes in action as part of a complete look.

Lashes trimmed the first way on the outer corners.

Lashes trimmed the second way on the inner corners.

Additionally, the way the individual lashes are placed on the band makes it much easier to trim evenly. As seen below, the lashes are grouped together in little bundles symmetrically. So it's just a matter of counting how many bundles you snipped first and doing the same for the other.

Overall, I really enjoyed these lashes. Not so much the price though but the quality is fantastic. I have been a little rough with them since I always have a hard time putting lashes on my left eye, but they have withstood all the handling and still look great.

Do you have any lash recommendations I can try that are not too outrageous?

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