Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lioele Nail Color: #6 Peach Pink & #28 Modern Mint

I've recently decided I kind of like the candy color trend that is cropping up. It's fun and gives my mood a happy boost. So I couldn't help but be attracted to these polishes at Sune, a shop that carries Asian beauty and skincare products.

Lioele is a Korean beauty brand that offers both cosmetics and skincare all in rather cute princess like packaging. These polishes are sold at Sune for $6.50 each and there was a lot of color variety to choose from. I was first attracted to the teal turquoise type of shade first, which is curiously named Modern Mint. I certainly don't see this color as any type of mint at all. I'm also on a pink kick it seems to because I had to have Peach Pink although I recently picked up a nice pinky coral polish already. The name for this one really describes it perfectly. There's just a touch of orange in this shade and you'll see that in the photos coming up.

I would like to note that I had to look up the names online because the label under the bottles were all in Korean and I didn't understand any of it except for the numbers.

My favorite of the two has to be Modern Mint. I love both colors, but Modern Mint is very smooth and applies like a dream in two coats. Peach Pink was more streaky and harder to work with and would have required a third coat, but I didn't feel like going that extra step. A top coat did even things out a bit though so it wasn't a complete disaster. I've definitely had polishes that are streakier than Peach Pink.

Now I realize these swatches look different that usual, especially the background, but I have an entirely long winded story for it! I attempted to paint my nails in the evening with both of my new polishes. I was only able to complete one hand. These polishes smell absolutely atrocious! It brings me back to the days when I was in wood shop and had to varnish my project in the lacquer room as it was called. That was middle school and I haven't thought of those years in a long time. The scent was so intense that I couldn't take it and I had to open my window for some ventilation. Even after drying plus a top coat over it, the polish still smelled pretty badly. I would catch the fumes just having my hand near the vicinity of my face. So I decided I had to remove the polish that same night since the smell wasn't sitting well with me. Before removing it all, I took a bunch of photos hoping to find a spot in my room that will give me accurate color depiction and it happened to be this little corner.

So basically, this is a case where the scent might be an insurmountable obstacle for me. I'm pretty sensitive to scents in general and this time it was just made worse because I'm still recovering from my cold. Maybe once I'm well and with a window opened, I could use Modern Mint on my toes and only my toes. If it's that far away from my nose, I should be okay... Here's hoping at least.

Edit: Well, I have no idea what's going on with my pictures but they are back in work order now! In addition, if you happen to be in San Francisco and wonder where I bought my Lioele products, here's the business card!


  1. I've never seen this brand--thanks for sharing it!

  2. Please review more Asian brand nail polishes!

  3. I love the little bottles they come in. They are kind of dear though but the pink is really nice.