Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment: Passion

Ever since receiving my deluxe samples of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment from Sephora, I have been loving them over my other lip balms. I basically just keep one in my purse at all times, so when I ran out of my mini Rose balm, I was quite happy to get my new one as a nice gift from my brother. I think he felt sorry for me since I had like the last bit of my mini literally break as I was applying it and squish on my lips.

Except for the color, this lip treatment has the same scent and feel of the original and Rose version. I love the sweet and fresh smell of this balm, it's just very pleasing. Not to mention the fact that I can't smell or taste the SPF is wonderful since I can be quite sensitive to it's presence in my lip products. The texture is creamy and can be thick, but it makes your lips feel comfortable instead of oily.

Now the shade for Passion, is a bold berry red. The beauty of this shade comes from the many ways you can wear it. Applied with a light hand, you can have a sheer tint to your lips just like the Rose version would give you while still hydrating your lips. Or, with a heavier hand, you can eventually end up with a nice berry lip. The intensity is totally buildable. Just don't expect opaque color since this is a tinted lip balm. I will warn that if you want want the deeper color, you'll probably want to exfoliate your lips first. Any dry flaking skin on your lips will have product cling to it and result in an uneven appearance on the lips.

At $22.50 I still think these lip treatments are quite pricy, but you are definitely getting your money's worth here. The balm itself is fantastic and the packaging is also nothing to laugh at either. It's very sleek, eye catching, and durable while being light weight. So if I guess if you feel like indulging on a beauty item, this would be a good one to choose since it does come in several shades but is also practical. I am personally eying that new Coral shade.

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