Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sinful Colors: Kissy

A recent sale on Sinful Colors nail polish tempted me into buying three. Kissy is a shade that I've always picked up and put back, until now. This color was quite tricky to photograph since my camera couldn't seem completely pick up the green in this shade. I guess corals and teals are not my camera's forte.

Kissy is a truly teal polish with tiny iridescent flakes. Although I do love the color teal, I don't love it so much on my nails for some reason. However, the iridescent flakes gives this polish more dimension and makes it more appealing to look at. The formula is somewhat goopy, for lack of a better term. The goopiness is most noticeable at the tips since the application was most likely to be uneven at this point as I pull the brush away from my body. The coverage is also surprisingly sheer and I had to apply four coats before my nail line was no longer visible. Overall, this polish wasn't completely painful to use and I quite like the color combined with the flakes.

A much closer representation of what the color really is. ^_^

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  1. I didn't notice Kissy in stores around here until just recently (when I bought it even though I'm sure I have dupes already--I have self control issues!)