Saturday, February 11, 2012

Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume Mascara

I was on the search for this new mascara since I had dropped the wand of my Grow Luscious mascara onto my carpet and it picked up all sorts of lint and unpleasantness. Having heard good things about the new Photo Ready 3D mascara, I was curious about how much volume I would get with the brush it came with.

Let's start with the brush. The bristles are shorter and finer than your traditional mascara brush. Although there are a lot of little bristles, I definitely wouldn't call this a dense brush by any means. There is also a nice rounded tip for it, which makes reaching those inner or outer corners lashes easier. Despite my skepticism with the design of the brush, I really like how it was able to separate my lashes and comb through them to achieve more of that fanned effect.

As you can see there is a bit of excess product at the base of the brush. It doesn't take too much time to deal with it unlike some other mascaras I've used. I found that the formula gave me moderate volume and length without much fuss.I was hoping for thicker lashes but I have very short and thin lashes anyways so I was still very pleased with the before and after. I experienced no clumping and my lashes also felt flexible and natural to the touch. The formula dried faster than I had expected which pleases me to no end and combined with the brush I found that I was really able to comb through most of my lashes to have an even coating.

Before (lashes are curled btw)


For the photo, I applied 2 coats of mascara and I think the results are pretty good considering my before photo. I would like to note that my lashes with mascara look just a bit more dramatic in person than it does in the photo. Revlon claims that this mascara will make your "lashes look magnified & multiplied." I can honestly say that both claims were true, even if the result wasn't extraordinary it was still a big improvement for me.

I experienced very minimal smudging with this mascara, which is surprising. I haven't found any non-waterproof mascara that hasn't smudged on me, FYI. The most amazing thing was that this held my curl through 15 minutes of sprinkling rain. No joke. I was on yard duty and by the end of it I was feeling moist overall and my bangs were starting to clump together as wet hair would do. I was totally expecting the worst for my mascara, but when I checked in the mirror, it looked fine! No wilting or melting mascara or major smudging. For now, this will have to be my favorite mascara just for lasting through that. No longer do I have to worry about heavy misty fog making my lashes loose their curl!

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  1. I really like your review, especially the use of before and after photos with minimal eye makeup.I am interested in the mascara as I have little success with finding one that doesn't smudge on my oily lids that isn't waterproof.