Saturday, March 3, 2012

China Glaze: Fast Track

The much hyped about China Glaze Hunger Games collection has released! I had my eye on Fast Track for quite some time but when I went to Sally's Beauty Supply I ended up leaving the store with a total of three polishes from the collection. Eventually I will end up swatching the other two but I prefer to wear my polish for a week at a time...but I will say that the collection is worth seeing in person!

This polish is pretty much in the same vein as China Glaze's Glittering Garland and Midtown Magic. It's a nice beige base with lots of golden micro glitter or fine golden flecks. So I'm quite confident that this will give me no trouble in removal just like Glittering Garland and Midtown Magic.

Fast Track is very much a neutral shade but the golden reflection makes this polish more intriguing and  I can't help but want to take a closer look. I guess you can call this an understated glam shade. I did find that this polish is a bit on the thin side because I did have to apply 3 to 4 coats before my nail line could no longer be seen. However, the application was smooth and even. I had no difficulties with the polish at all which makes me love it more than I already do.

Direct Sunlight

If you're wondering, the other two polishes from the this collection that I purchased were Dress Me Up and Harvest Moon. Will definitely post about those later. Which ones are you eying or have picked up yourself?

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  1. I just saw the display for the first time last night, and it was pretty picked over. I was fortunate to win Stone Cold and Fast Track, so I have those--I'm pretty sure Agro and Luxe & Lush need to join my stash, too. Not sure about any others yet.