Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Tough Cookie

This month I decided to start a budget on my beauty shopping. So I set aside $40 and that's all I can spend on anything categorized as cosmetic. The idea is that if I want something more than my budget allows, I'll have save over time for it. So we'll see how that works out. My first purchase for this month is a nail polish in the shade Tough Cookie from the Hard as Nails line by Sally Hansen.

This is warm taupe metallic/foil hybrid. I had wanted to call it bronze, but in natural lighting it looks more like a taupe to me. It is a nice natural understated color, yet it has that extra bit of oomph to make it more special. The formula was really easy to work with although a little thin so I had to use 3 to 4 coats of polish. But I experienced absolutely no streaking or overly long drying times. It was one of the most smoothest nail painting sessions I've had, so I didn't mind the extra coats at all.

The Hard as Nails line has 36 new shades (although one is clear...) in a display at my local Walgreens and they sell for $2.49. If the overall formula is as nice as Tough Cookie, I'm tempted to dip into my beauty budget again for one or two more shades.

Any suggestions on shades? I can't decide!


  1. I picked this one up in the store and then put it back down since I wasn't sure--now I see your swatches I might have to go back. :) I haven't bought any from this display yet--the other one I took a long look at was a dusty blue shimmer, not sure of the name.

    1. I like to buy flashy or pastels more often. So Tough Cookie was definitely different for me and I loved it so much I've put it on my toes! I totally splurged this week and bought a Butter London polish so that's what made it my fingers instead.

      I'm also debating on two other ones from this line. There's that Onyx named polish and the sheer iridescent blue glitter.