Saturday, November 19, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

I have been so busy lately. By the time I get home, there definitely isn't any good natural light left for photographing. Anyways, between my last post and now, I was able to acquire 3 lip butters. My goal was to actually get the deeper colors and the reds, but I've been to at least 10 different Walgreens in San Francisco and only the lighter shades or the browner shades were left in the store. I'm definitely still on the lookout for them since I hear that these will be permanent, but I do want them sooner rather than later. I guess this same mentality is the reason all shades I'm searching for are snapped up so quickly!

FYI, I have since acquired 6 more lip butters and swatches can be found by clicking here: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters Part 2!

First off, I have to say that these lip butters are as fantastic as all the hype brings you to believe. They are hydrating, pigmented, and they give you shine. There is no taste nor any scent, which is a major plus for me. As for staying power, I have no complaints really. They aren't advertised as long wearing so I'm not surprised at all that I need to reapply after my meal, besides that they last just fine for me. These lip butters are just that great and I highly recommend them.

Now lets get to the real purpose of this post: swatches. When I found out about these lip butters, what I wanted to know first of all was, what the colors look like. Sure, the top of the cap has a clear window, but it's tiny and who knows if it will really look like that once worn. The problem I had was that the swatches online weren't completely accurate and having spent the day taking pictures that represent these 3 colors, I will admit that it is quite a feat.

Candy Apple

I am very proud of my photo of Candy Apple. It's almost exact to what I see with my own eyes as I look at my lips. It's definitely a red with a bit of orange. Not what I was expected for something named Candy Apple. Still quite pretty, but not as easy for me to wear at all though. This is a creamy color with no shimmer and it didn't need much building to look as it does in the photo. You will notice that my skin looks quite pale when compared to the following photos. Something about this color makes me look paler even though I use the same foundation as I always do.

Sugar Plum

Well, I do love this color a lot, but it didn't apply as darkly as it looked in tube. I was expecting more plum, but it's a bit brighter and that photo was as close as I could get to what I saw with my own eyes. It is a very wearable shade for me at least. I've been sticking to fairly natural or nude pink shades so this definitely was a change because it is a deeper color than what I usually wear. Still another creamy color with no shimmer

Berry Smoothie

This color is a fun to wear since it has a bit of shimmer and it's not overly vibrant but just enough that you do take notice that it's definitely pink and not your natural pink shade either. Not a hard shade to wear at all and probably will be the most used out of the 3 right now.

If you noticed with my Sugar Plum and Berry Smoothie photos, my skin doesn't look so shockingly pale. I have on the same face make up in all 3 photos, but something about that Candy Apple...

Staring from the top left: Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum, and Candy Apple

Another thing about these lip butters is the fact that they tend to scrap against the tube. It's not such a big deal for me, but it does need mentioning.

As you can see, there's some excess just peeking over the edges of the tube. All I did was twist it in and out of the tube a couple times.

I think that's it. I really do hope the photos were helpful.

Bargain News!
Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength polishes are on sale for $2.79 (originally $5.99) at Walgreens in San Francisco. I saw that there's a new display for updated versions of Diamond Strength polishes so that's probably why all the old lots of them are going on sale. The new Diamond Strength bottles now look like cut gemstones.

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