Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wet n' Wild: Baking a Cake

Last week my local Walgreens finally stocked the new Wet n' Wild baked palettes. I picked up two of them but have only been able to play around with the more pinky purple palette.

Working with this palette, I would have to say that four out of the six shades give great pigmentation when dry. Now as for the sort of periwinkle and magenta shades, although quite bold in the pan, don't perform very well when dry at all. The magenta shade was even actually kind of chalky when I attempted to swatch it.

However, I bought these palettes because they were an inexpensive way to experiment with baked eyeshadows and applying them wet. Out of all the colors, that dark brown is absolutely fantastic when used wet. Swatching this color wet was like using an an inky pen, it was that smooth. It's a shame that my photo didn't capture the richness of this brown. This shade really surprised me when I was working with it. Now, the bright magenta wasn't any easier to work with when wet. I still had to put some extra effort into building that color up so that it would show up more opaquely. The other shades all performed about the same

Applied dry without any primer.

Applied wet without any primer. Black shimmer pencil on the far right.

This set also came with a black shimmer eyeliner pencil. The consistency is actually quite smooth and I wasn't able to feel the roughness of the glitter at all.

Overall, I quite like this palette. For $5 you can get quite a bit of variety since you have a highlight, two bold shades, two different taupe shades, a dark defining color, and an eyeliner pencil. But you do have to be willing to work with some of the shadows wet if you want full color payoff though.

Next up, I'm going to try and play with the Baked, Not Fried palette, which actually turns out be the neutral one. I believe some changes were made after the Wet n' Wild ambassadors received their products to review. More on this palette in my next post.

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