Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sally Hansen: Save the Date

Today just wasn't my day for nail painting. I had the hardest time since I didn't have a steady hand and had to fix messed up nails too often. But it was time to do them again and I really wanted to try out this new color.

Save the date is a gorgeous rich maroon color with magenta shimmer. It's a great shade for the colder seasons because it's a great pop of color in the midst of gloomy weather but also sophisticated and a little vampy.

If you're a fan of the Diamond Strength line of nail polishes, I'd go and checkout your local drugstore soon. I was able to get this color on sale because my local Walgreens has started selling a repackaged version of Diamond Strength, so I'm assuming they're trying to get rid of all the old bottles. The bottle now has a new design, looking more like a gemstone.

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