Monday, October 15, 2012

butterLONDON: Scuppered

I was totally naughty this past weekend and splurged on nail polish that I shouldn't have had. But my weakness is metallic foil types of polishes and when I came across butterLONDON's new holiday collection, I couldn't help but browse and fall in love. Most of the collection were glitter polishes, except for two, Scuppered and Jack the Lad, which are described as shimmers.

Scuppered is a deep copper foil with underlinings of magenta, plus two sizes of green glitter laced through. Can you see why I couldn't help myself? I never thought I'd be describing this combination of colors in one polish! There's so much going on with it, I had a hard time getting my camera to focus for photographs. The level of shimmer is also fantastic on this one, especially under sunlight.

The formula for this one is quite nice, if a bit on the thick side. But it did not at any point turn into a goopy mess for me. I did need a total of three coats for complete opacity, however, the drying time wasn't too long so it didn't prolong my manicure session.

When my nails catches the light just right, I can definitely see all the facets of Scuppered in play. It's such a pretty shade for fall and winter. I am just charmed with  it. I may be out $14 but I think Scuppered was completely worth it.


  1. Yes, I can see why you needed this. I'm not sure why I don't already have it myself. :)

  2. This color is SO pretty ... it reminds me of Pros and Bronze by OPI! I love the hints of magenta.

    1. Yes, the magenta is more of a hidden treasure with this polish. Most of the time it's too subtle to notice, but when the light is just right, I love it all over again.

  3. This polish is so beautiful! I love the glow from the copper shade and the extra glitters in it! Very pretty on you!