Saturday, October 13, 2012

bareMinerals READY: Touch Up Veil

I have been a long time customer of bareMinerals. I've been using their mineral foundations since I was in high school along with their mineral veil. To this day, I still use their mineral veil to finish off my foundation routine, no matter if I'm using mineral, liquid, or cream foundation. So when I finally finished the last bit of my mineral veil, I decided to try bareMinerals Ready Touch Up Veil, which from what I understand is the pressed version of their mineral veil.

The Touch Up Veil comes in two options, mine is the Translucent version. Inside the compact, there is also a a mirror and a thin little powder pouf, which I haven't tried to use at all since I prefer to apply the product with a brush. The compact itself is quite nice, being simple but sleek. However, it does feel sort of rubbery like the Nars packaging, so I'm anticipating make up clinging to the outside down the line because this type of material is just like a magnet for it. I would like to point out that my Mineral Veil was SPF 25, while my Touch Up Veil is SPF 15.

So far, I find that Touch Up Veil works just as well for me as my Mineral Veil without the extra mess. I really like the smooth and soft focused appearance of my skin from both both products. I did have to be more careful with how much product I put on my brush with Touch Up Veil though. Since all I'm doing is swirling my brush in the product, it's so easy to pick up more powder than I need. I usually just tap all I need into the lid with Mineral Veil and swirl, so this was a change. There's also an issue with the scent that is quite noticeable with Touch Up Veil. I would describe the smell as slightly citrus in a car freshener kind of way. The scent doesn't bother me a great deal, but given a choice, I could do without.

Overall, I don't know if I can say that Touch Up Veil is actually better than the original Mineral Veil. It's still a toss up between which I would repurchase next time because the pros and cons balance each other out when I compare the two.

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