Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Polish: Hog-Quartz School

Continuing on with my foil fixation, I decided to try Hog-Quartz School next. This time, armed with better experience on how to work with these polishes, the time it took to do my nails shortened considerably.

The light definitely likes to play with this one since this shade is sometimes more of a lilac purple and it turns deeper more towards violet at other times. I believe the silvery shine plays its part in creating that effect. In photos it certainly leans more towards its darker facade. Also, if you look it at very closely, you'll get just a hint of copper bits peeking through all the purple. I love that since it's like a hidden surprise if you care to really examine the composition of this polish.

Again, easy formula and quick drying time, but the brush is still subpar. It suffers the same symptoms as the one in Stay Outta My Bismuth so I suggest the same method here. To avoid having the brush create rake marks, be sure to have extra polish on the brush taking into account which nail you are working on and don't press down too hard. This way, you can have even and opaque application in two coats. Admittedly, my thumbs were still an issue because I had a harder time estimating how much extra polish I needed on my brush for them. However, now that I more or less have the method down, using these Chrome polishes are more of a joy.

I bought these for $3.99 each, which I had to cringe a bit at because this bottle only contains 0.29 fl. oz. Most of my other regular sized bottles are at least 0.4 fl. oz. or more. Considering the prices I pay for some of my nail polishes, I wouldn't find this much of a problem except that this collection is limited edition so I would have liked to the a normal amount of product sold to me. 

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  1. Looks great! Yeah, the bottles are tiny; Wet 'n' Wild seems to do that from time to time with these special collections, like those holiday glitters last year (or maybe the year before).