Monday, June 18, 2012

Clio Professional Art Blusher: #1 Peach

I have been pining after the Clio blushes for a while now. However, I've been holding out for what looks like to be the newer white compact version and it has been a rather futile wait. The only one I was able to find that came in the newer version was #5 Orange Peach at a store near Japan Town but it swatched more like a highlighter than a blush to me and at a $38 price tag, I wasn't about to buy a blusher I couldn't use, just for the packaging. So I ended up picking up #1 Peach in the original compact design instead of the sleeker white one.

Clio Professional is Korean cosmetic brand that also puts their focus on lovely packaging. Their blush is formulated in Italy but assembled in Korea. For the Art Blusher line, there are six baked shades available of which three are marbled and three are solid colored blushes. The box itself claims that these blushes are illuminating and will stay on the cheeks all day. So far, I can agree about the illuminating aspect but I find that this blush will only last me nearly a full work day. So if I were to wear my make up for longer after work, I would need a touch up.

My shade, #1 Peach, is a beautiful marbled blush of peach, pale gold, and plum. When swirled together you get a beautiful peachy almost coral color that has a bit of very fine shimmer. What I love about this blush is that the shimmer is subtle so it gives me a pretty glow without looking too shiny. The pigmentation is also wonderful and it blends quite easily for a natural flushed look.

Despite being a thicker compact, the overall look is still very charming. It reminds me of a decorative pot that you would have on a vanity, just a tiny bit. I do wish that the compact would close more securely though since it does pop open quite easily, however, I won't be traveling with it in my purse anyway so the loose snap closure isn't much of an issue for me. Additionally, the mirror inside the compact is very nice being the size of the lid so you can see most of your face in it.

If you're familiar with the iPhone 4, this compact is twice as thick.
Overall, I really like the Clio blushes but not so much the price. I have heard that you can get them for less online so if I feel the urge to own more of them I might go that route instead.

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