Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Color: Stay Outta My Bismuth

Recently, I've developed an obsession with foil nail polish. I just love the metallic shine of these polishes and the fact that I don't need to deal with brush strokes. So when my local drugstore finally stocked the new Wet n Wild Chrome collection, I couldn't help but leave with three of them!

Stay Outta My Bismuth is a light blue foil polish with bits of greenish gold thrown in. I love the fact that this isn't a solid blue foil. From a distance, it certainly looks blue, but up close this polish looks amazing since the golden flakes show through the blue giving the polish more dimension. The formula itself is fantastic, being smooth and drying quickly. However, the brush is rather unwieldy. It is your standard round cross-section type of brush except a bit denser and shorter. In addition, the tips of the brush seem to be stiffer so as a result the brush itself creates these streaky grooves in the polish during application. The way I've worked around this obstacle is to just have more excess polish on the brush than usual before applying. It definitely minimizes the raking effect the brush causes and since this polish dries so quickly there is no worry in applying a thicker coat.

These photos were actually taken around six days after I originally painted my nails so forgive the fact that the tips don't look pristine. But I did enjoy wearing this shade a great deal. So far I've tried two out of the three I purchased and Stay Outta My Bismuth is my favorite.

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  1. Wow, that's great wear time! Thanks for the heads up about the brush--I haven't tried the ones I bought yet.