Friday, December 23, 2011

NYX HD High Definition Eye Shadow Base

I really don't remember when I bought this primer, but I've been  using it consistently for a couple of weeks now and forming my opinions on it. I first heard about this eye shadow base from Youtube and was able to find it at a store in my neighborhood. This is great since I was hoping to find an eyeshadow primer that was more affordable than my Urban Decay Primer Potion.

The packaging is quite nice and modern, although there is quite a bit of writing on the tube. Around the outside of the tube, NYX was able to include their company and product name, product description, ingredients, and contact info. If anything, the packaging is pretty informative.

This eyeshadow base comes with a doe-foot applicator and the primer itself looks like Urban Decay's Primer Potion. This primer applies translucent, at least for me, and does even out my skin tone on the eyelid leaving a nice canvas for my eye shadow.

Now to answer the most important question. Does it work? Yes. I have fairly oily lids and I have put this eyeshadow base through the test of time. There are days where I wear my make up for over 12 hours and I didn't notice my eyeshadow creasing or fading after a long day. So I am very happy with the performance of this primer when I use my eyeshadows with it.

Now for the downsides of this primer. There aren't many, but it's worth mentioning. Let's start with the texture of this primer. If you happen to put too much on, then it feels sort of greasy to be perfectly honest. But with some extra blending that feeling goes away and it doesn't affect how this primer performs. The greasy texture isn't such a big issue for me since I had a problem of Urban Decay Primer Potion pilling on the eyelid if I put too much on and that was more of a pain to fix than just a bit more blending.

One other little quirk with this eye shadow base is that it creases. Yup, you read that right. The primer creases!

That little black arrow in my photo above points to the creasing that's happened after applying this primer. When I wasn't as careful using this product and put too much on, that crease line was even more distinguishable. I'm rather careful now to use just enough product to cover my whole lid area, but it still manages to crease a bit. Usually, I would apply the primer and then go on to cover up my under eye circles before coming back to work with eyeshadows and that's when I would see that little crease line. Again a little more blending and it disappears. No big problem, but something to mention. However, there is no creasing, at all, once you have your eyeshadow on.

Overall, I really like this eye shadow base, especially since I spent less than $10 on it and works just fine with the exception of what I call some finicky "in progress action". But once you finish your eye look, your eyeshadow should look fantastic for quite a long while.

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