Sunday, March 22, 2015

3 Concept Eyes Nail Polish

Ever since my last attempt at trying Korean nail polish (Lioele), I've made a point to stick to brands I know when making any new purchases. It had been a while since I had visited Sune and they often switch up brands that they carry so I thought I'd give the store a browse. A bright red glitter polish caught my eye for just $5 but then I spotted the 3 for $12 deal and I just had to pick up 2 more.

Left to right: PE01, SD05, and SD06

Besides nail polish, 3 Concept Eyes is a cosmetic brand that also offers blushes and lip products claiming that they are pigmented and long lasting. I didn't pay much attention to what was carried at the store but I will say that the 3 Concept Eyes overall packaging stood out from the other brands because there was so much black used and the design was simple, right down to their logo.

Anyways, back to the polishes I left the store with. My two glitter polishes, identified by just letters and numbers are SD05 (red glitter) and SD06 (magenta glitter in a black base). I didn't like the gunmetal looking one so I had to pick a solid color polish and I had settled on PE01 (peach with silver shimmer).

SD05 and SD06 are supposed to be sand texture polishes, but let me tell you, they are both straight up glitter polishes and you get that rough texture that your standard glitter polishes give you. Once you've used the likes of Zoya's PixieDust, sand textured polishes standards bar is set really high.

SD05, is absolutely gorgeous and went on like a dream and the finish was pretty smooth for a glitter. I went ahead and put a top coat on for pictures just in case I dinged it by accident. I only needed two coats to have full coverage. The bright cherry red makes me think of Christmas and though I really want to wear it, I'm torn because all I can think about when I see it are winter holidays.

SD06 is a black jelly base with lots of magenta glitter. There seemed to be some sand texture thrown in there when I applied my first coat, but after the second and third coat for opacity, this glitter polish actually turned out so smooth, I didn't even need a top coat to even it out. I think if I actually wear it as a full manicure, I'd put a top coat just to speed up drying and out of habit, but if you're look for a sand effect in this one, it does even more poorly than the red one.

Despite not being as sandy in texture as it's supposed to be, I really liked both and am definitely glad I have them.

PE01 is a peachy color that reminds me of Essence's Modern Romance and Orly's Prelude to a Kiss in shade, not finish. Essence's Modern Romance has pink shimmer though that can catch the light once in a while. The reason I had gone with PE01 was the fact that it had silver shimmer and I had hoped it would act like Essence's Modern Romance.

Unfortunately, the shimmer that can be seen in the bottle is too subtle to see on the nail once applied. The shimmer just disappears and I can't find it under any light. It also applies a bit unevenly and I had some streaking occur. The big plus for me is the fact that I have no bubbling with PE01 at all, whereas Orly's Prelude to a Kiss bubbles like crazy no matter what I try.

I think I might relegate this one to being used only for my toes though. The solid shades in 3 Concept Eyes' collection smell quite strongly and hark back to the days I painted my nails in the 90's. I kid you not, I actually stood in the store and quickly sniffed at a few of the shades that were solid creme finishes or close enough to it. After Lioele, I just was not taking home polish that smelled like that again. Although they did not smell as strongly as the Lioele ones I had once bought, they do smell stronger than the other polishes I have in my current collection. Just something to keep in mind.

So my final verdict? I give a big thumbs up for the sand texture shades by 3 Concept Eyes. I probably should have just gotten the gunmetal one instead of the peach shade. If you don't mind how your polish smells too much, the solid shades are pretty affordable when you buy them 3 for $12. Unless they come out with more glitter shades, I probably won't be purchasing anymore polishes from 3 Concept Eyes. 

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