Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dior Rouge Baume - Diorette

Well, hello there! It's been quite a while. Truthfully, the last couple of months have been kicking my butt on the job front. I don't think I've directly been involved or dealt with work drama before so it's been rough. It's enough that I'm also working on contingency plans just in case. Let's just say my emotional state has been all over the place and focusing on my personal hobbies has been a struggle.

Anyways, in December, I decided to splurge and gift myself with a Dior lip product.

The Rouge Baume line is advertised as a "nourishing lip balm" that adds shine and color. After perusing all the shades, I decided that Diorette had just enough brightness while being still wearable, at least for me. What initially drew me to this particular line was the packaging. I was in the mood for a lipstick that looked classic and luxurious. Although most of the parts are plastic, the design does not make you think gimmick or drugstore (not that I don't love my drugstore lipsticks). The CD on the lid is also a nice touch. An understated but definitely elegant appearance without looking dated.

I also loved that the Christian Dior initials were on the bullet itself, although this is a temporary aesthetic that basically disappeared after I swatched it. 

Diorette is a fuchsia pink that has it's punch of color amped up. For a balm type of lipstick, it is quite vivid for some people. I tend to lean more towards these kinds of pinks anyways, so I actually stayed in my safe zone when I purchased Diorette. Swatched, this shade looks as though it wants to be in the coral family, but on my lips, the brightness of the fuchsia came through more. It's absolutely more on the red side of fuchsia and not purple, which probably explains why the swatch reminds me of a coral color. 

Application was easy as pie. I think the shape of the bullet and creamy texture made for a no brainer type of lip product. I thought the balm side of this product definitely kept my lips feeling supple and looking pretty. Now if you want the fine lines on your lips to disappear with this product, that's not going to happen. The texture reminds me of my most comfortable lip balms to wear but the amount of moisture is no where near that of the Fresh tinted balms. However, I do deal with hair sticking to my lips on occasion with Fresh while I don't have that issue with my Rouge Baume. 

Overall, I think the Rouge Baume is a solid product. The shade range is wide, spanning from sheer to more vibrant and opaque. When you get down to it though, you are paying $35 for what is essentially a "tinted lip balm." As a purchase, I think the Rouge Baume will stay in the splurge or gifting category for me. The packaging is beautiful and the Dior brand just speaks of luxury and elegance, so I think the occasional expense doesn't hurt, but I most certainly cannot justify a full collection of the Rouge Baumes for myself. 

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