Monday, October 13, 2014

Benefit: Cheeky Sweet Spot

Hello there, it seems holiday sets are hitting the stores before Halloween is even over. I have recently been all about blush with my makeup routine. I've been loving the look that consists of really simple eyes and lips, but some bolder blush application. Consequently, this routine has me eyeing a lot of blushes and I particularly like the idea of having blush sets or palettes.

My other weakness is packaging that is themed with really cute or kitschy designs. So when I missed out on the limited edition Tarte blush set that included four individual blush colors at Ulta, was completely vulnerable when I walked by this set.

This set includes five shades of the popular boxed blushes that Benefit usually has in their line up. Except for Bella Bamba. That one's now discontinued, so if you were able to get your hands on it before they stopped selling it, lucky you! In addition to the blushes, you also have the Hoola bronzer and Watt's Up highlighter that comes in a nifty container that can be popped out and it has lid to prevent drying. Oh, and you get a cute little brush that is soft and dense enough to probably work in a pinch.

The packaging itself is a sturdy tin with a lid that closes securely. Look closely enough, you can totally tell that the theme is geared for Christmas, what with the green and red color theme and the minimal use of holly art. The inside is a foam piece that holds all the products, The foam is fitted really well to prevent it from just falling out of the tin but I am pretty sure that there is no additional glue to worry about if you decide to just empty out the tin.

Most of the powders in this set are 0.17 oz. Dandelion is only 0.14 oz and Sugarbomb is for some reason 0.21 oz. The full sized boxed powders weigh in at 0.28 oz,. The Watt's Up highlighter is only 0.05 oz. and that's the one item you might feel Benefit skimped on the most.

Overall, I only paid $36 for this set and with the boxed blushes being $28 per box, I think the deal can't be beat and you do get a decent amount of product.

Now the popularity of the Benefit boxed blushes has been going strong for years. So I don't think I need to really expound on how wonderful they are. I will say that Sugarbomb doesn't feel as lovely and soft as the other ones, but it's still good. Also, the color seemed to be less pigmented compared to the other ones, even when compared to Dandelion which is a rather subtle pink. I have no swatch of Watt's Up as it matches my skin tone quite well and that just confused my camera, but I'm liking it. So considering I've only hit pan on my e.l.f. Candid Coral blush after a really long time, I highly doubt I'd be running out of any of these blushes anytime soon. This was an affordable investment and I really should not be buying any more blush in the future because really, I've got more blush than the average person now. 

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