Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sephora Pantone Universe Full Spectra Eye Shadow Palette: Daybreak

I have been eyeing this particular palette ever since it was released, but I couldn't justify spending money on another eye shadow palette I didn't need that was full priced. So as I was browsing for a new concealer to use for an upcoming wedding, I found this palette in the sale bins. I hesitated for just a bit before I grabbed it. I was still able to find it on sale at the Sephora website today for $19.

The design of this palette is simple and has nice clean lines. The use of the magnetic lid is definitely reminiscent of Inglot. The block shape of the pans are also very modern, although I'm not quite sure what was behind the logic in the different sized pans. I'm not so sure I would be using the top portions anymore than the bottom half, so I would have preferred the pans to be equal.
From left to right, top row first: Navajo, Dew, Jet Stream, Fairest Jade, Shrimp, Atmosphere, Cloud Pink, Peach Melba. 

I found that the texture to be soft and buttery, very easy to use. The only one I found to be a bit chalky would be Jet Stream, the third top shade from the left. This shade was also one of the two only matte eye shadows of this palette. The other matte shade is Peach Melba, the last bottom pan on the right.

These shadows are pain to photograph to be honest. Four of them are duo-chrome in nature so my camera just decided to ignore that characteristic. Navajo and Dew are very similar when swatched and flash an almost lime green when the light hits just right. I found that Fairest Jade looked very mint green and tilted a bit would show a hint of teal, although photographed it looks white. Last, Atmosphere seems to be the sheer cousin of either' M.A.C.'s Club, or Too Faced's Label Whore.

The shades I love most have to be Shrimp and Peach Melba. I really like the coral tone of Shrimp and found the color easier to work with than I had first thought. As for Peach Melba, the quality of this matte peachy pink is so smooth, it will definitely be my go-to shade for warming up that crease to brow transition area. 

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