Monday, September 2, 2013

NYX Glam Shadow Stick: Rose Gold

Recently, I discovered that the Target I go to for household essentials also sold NYX. When did that happen? Granted, the selection was in a rather sorry state, I still couldn't help but pick up this shadow stick when it's name was Rose Gold. I was just in some kind of spending mood that night...Oops.

Let's start with what was good about this shadow stick. The packaging is super convenient and user friendly since it twists up and the clear cap lets you see the shade. I also thought the size of the crayon was perfect for my lids and made for an easy quick application process. In addition, I experienced no tugging whatsoever because it went on smoothly and blended easily.

The color is also quite similar to rose gold, at least for a make up product. It's sort of a pinkish peachy shade with lots of shimmer. Very pretty and a great shade to wear by itself.

Now, the biggest downfall of this shadow stick, was the fact that it creased. I hadn't worn it for an hour before I found those dreaded crease lines on my lids. I did use my NYX eyelid primer underneath, but did not use any powder eyeshadow on top. Considering the fact that I don't actually own any rose gold sort of shade in powder form, anything I set this shadow stick with will dull or alter the gorgeous color, the whole point of purchasing this in the first place.

I suppose I could use Rose Gold as a base, but I didn't buy this shadow stick for that purpose. I wanted the color in all its glory. Plus, all the shimmer in this stick makes me think it's not really meant to be a base anyways.

I guess it's a good thing I'm only out around $5. I should've resisted the urge to buy! Excuse me, while I pity myself.

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