Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Confetti Punch

It's been a few weeks since I picked up this little bottle of glitter fun. I really liked the contrasting colors in it and couldn't resist especially since the Xtreme Wear line is rather affordable.

Confetti Punch is a combination of small green and silver hex glitter, larger blue hex glitter, and raspberry micro glitter. All this gorgeousness is suspended in an almost magenta toned transparent base. These shades altogether make for a really eye catching manicure.

For my manicure, I decided to use Orly's Artificial Sweetener as the base shade and then I applied two coats of Confetti Punch. The larger hex glitter takes just a bit of coaxing to apply to my liking but overall I had no trouble with getting the glitter to come out of the bottle. This formula did take some time to dry though, so a quick dry top coat is recommended.

Unfortunately, this one is limited edition and I really wished I had browsed the rest of the available shades when I had the chance. Now it's too late since I can't seem to find the collection Confetti Punch belonged to in stores anymore.


  1. Beautiful! I'm so jealous of your nails, they are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I'm testing out a peel off base coat so I'm really excited to be having full glitter mani's instead of just accent nails.

  2. I scooped this one up but haven't tried it (and I bought several bottles of Frazzle Dazzle just because of the name).

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