Sunday, August 25, 2013

OPI: Haven't the Foggiest

With the release of the OPI San Francisco collection, I really couldn't help but purchase at least one of the shades available. My brother was with me while I was in the selection process and we narrowed it down to Haven't the Foggiest. My brother and I do love our fog since we basically feel like melting once the temperatures start hitting the 70s °F.

Haven't the Foggiest stands right next to the fence in nearly being gun metal, but at the same time definitely not. Although silver in color, it is not as bright as the usual slivers available out there. I have seen this shade described as a shimmer, but I can't agree and would prefer to call it a foil. You can't see the foil texture in my photo because this shade is seriously light reflective and I was dealing with the ever changing sky of San Francisco for lighting.

The formula went on so smoothly, this was one of the fastest manicure sessions I had. I will admit that there are some faint signs of brushstrokes but once I had my topcoat over it, those strokes became unnoticeable. This polish was also only a two coater although I would say one coat is possible because the color is so dense. Overall, I'm really pleased with this polish.

On a side note, I have started a new job that is keeping me very busy with nearly 9 hour work days and it requires taking work home to do as well on most days. I also plan to go back to school for basically 9 months (I just mailed my application last week). My free time to update on this blog will be cut down greatly but I don't plan to stop. I did want the reason for the lack of updating to be known though. Thanks!


  1. Taking work home? I hope it's kinda fun work at least. :)

    1. I'm contracted to work as a 1st grade teacher for a year. It's exciting and stressful all at once. But it's a foot in the door I've been waiting for.