Thursday, August 1, 2013

Color Club: Over the Moon

Here I am with another Color Club holo polish. This one is also from the Halo Hues 2013 collection and just as awesome as Miss Bliss.

Over the Moon is a light blue holographic shade. The overall holo effect is also strong enough to withstand top coat. While the top coat is wet, much of the effect will be dulled, but once everything is set and dry, the holographic nature of the polish is back again and beautiful.

The formula for Over the Moon is also very smooth and easy to apply. Two coats basically gives you an opaque coverage, however I went with my usual three coats, mainly because I can't help but ding my lovely work and had to fix it. Which leads me to how well this one dries. The drying time is about the same as Miss Bliss, not the fastest of the bunch in my collection, and I'm too much of a busy body so my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri was a must to prevent any further damage. 

Again, I wish I could afford more of the Color Club holos, but I am very happy with I do own. These retail for $10 each and the company is cruelty free, last I heard. If you're unsure about holographic nail polishes, I am positive that Color Club's version will give you a great experience. 

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour. I agree, color club definitely make the best holographics especially if you are unsure of them.