Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust: Liberty

Say hello to my new favorite summer color! Everytime I look at this shade, I wish I had picked up the other summer Zoya Pixie Dusts, but then I remember that I was able to see the swatches on a nail wheel in person and this blue, goodness gracious, was the most vibrant of them all.

Liberty is a gorgeous cerulean blue that is vibrant and eye catching. Unlike the spring Pixie Dust polishes, the fine silver glitter in this one is not as apparent, being saturated by the base which really boosts the intensity of the blue shade. I wish that there was a bright green as part of the collection or that the coral shade they had was even brighter, leaning towards neon, because if this blue is any indication, those colors would have looked amazing too. Unfortunately, the other colors weren't as in your face as this shade.

I definitely have to warn you though that Liberty stains big time. I used my Nail Magic base coat to protect my nails and it worked like a charm. However, when it came time to remove the nail polish, any part of my fingertips that did not have base coat was stained blue. The very edges on the sides of my nails and even my skin were blue. I can just imagine how stained my nails would be if I didn't have my trusty base coat. From what I gleaned online, staining seems to be a consistent issue with Liberty so be sure you are confident with your base coat.

I only needed two coats to have an even and opaque coverage. The removal was also super easy, no need for the foil technique at all. A cotton pad and some good nail polish remover works just fine.

After about a week, I decided to at a shiny top coat. Although the look was nice, I much preferred the original matte textured look.

If I had to suggest one shade from the summer collection, I'd definitely name Liberty, even though it stains.

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