Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo: Lavish Lavender

Well, I'm a bit behind on posting about this but I did pick up one of Maybelline's new summer Color Tattoos when they first hit the shelves.

Lavish Lavender is a highly metallic, grayer side of lavender. It's not quite as blue or pink-toned as most lavender shades I've seen. Although, the extra sheen from the metallic finish also does not make for easy color analyzing.

The consistency is just as creamy as the other Color Tattoos and the wear is as long lasting too. I've been able to wear this Lavish Lavender past the 8 hour mark without any major creasing.

The other two Color Tattoos I do own are very wearable colors that I usually just throw on using my fingers for the whole process. Lavish Lavender on the other hand is bolder than I had anticipated and needs more precision. Application with my fingers left me with a bit of a mess so I had to employ the use of a brush for some blending. Now I'd rather just apply this shade with brushes instead of my fingers.

Lavish Lavender is a great purple shade if you want a pastel approach that is a bit more substantial. The gray really anchors the color making it a great shade to wear all by itself. 

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  1. I love the color tattoos, that shade is beautiful!