Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nail Magic: Base Coat & Ridge Filler

Happy New Year! It is officially the year of the Snake. Life and work in general has been pretty busy for me so I haven't been taking the time to work on my blog although I did have some posts already had in mind to do. Add San Francisco weather into the mix and days I was inclined to post, I couldn't take pictures since it was way too gloomy. I have been trying out this base coat for several months now and I felt had enough sufficient observations to be giving a review on it.

Nail Magic is a brand I came across while browsing around in Sally Beauty Supply. I had been using Sally Hansen base coats before this, but I found that it didn't help protect my nails when I used a color like ButterLONDON's Disco Biscuit, which was guaranteed to stain. And since Nail Magic was under $10, I decided it couldn't hurt to try, plus the fact that it was a ridge filler was even better.

Although this base coat looks cloudy in the bottle, it applies clear. The formula is very smooth and easy to use as well and fills in any ridges I have wonderfully. In addition, I found that when it dries, it does feel a bit tacky to the touch. But once you have your nail polish and top coat on the tackiness is no longer a problem.

I really wish I had taken a picture of my nails before using Nail Magic, since they were slightly orange tinged from the fuchsia, berry, and red toned shades I had been using. They were just that apparently stained from the nail polish. Since then, the holidays have come and gone and I did go back to the shades that originally stained my nails to be festive but it seems that no additional staining occurred. My nails are now more normal looking since the stained portion finally grew out and I haven't had anymore obvious staining after that.

Nail Magic really seems to be protecting my nails against staining and it's really affordable for how long it's lasted me so I highly recommend this one if you're on the look for a new base coat. 


  1. Your nails are looking great! I haven't noticed this base at Sally's--will have to keep an eye out.

    1. It's really good as a ridge filler too. I was disappointed to discover the Sally's that is nearest to me is now closed! The only other one is across town now and they aren't as organized.