Saturday, August 4, 2012

Smitten Polish: Bluebird

Today I have another Smitten Polish to feature. I also really couldn't help myself with this one either, but it was one of my top favorite color combinations and to have it in a nail polish? How could I say no?

Noelie describes Bluebird as, "blue glitter and holographic teal glitter suspended in a creamy taupe base." I actually think the base color looks more like an ashy brown to me more than taupe, but for all intents and purposes, it's brown and teal! Did I already say it was one of my most favorite color combos? In addition, there are actually two sizes of glitter, the smaller traditional glitter and the larger hexagonal kind. In person Bluebird looks rather amazing just in the bottle itself as the glitter catches the light. For some reason, mine arrived without the label. I suppose it was one of the overlooked ones in the batch, which I'm rather glad to have no label hindering the view.

The formula was just as fantastic as Mint Chip. It went on smooth and dried amazingly, although I did have to adapt to all that glitter. My right index finger ended up with a big cluster of glitter all in one corner of the nail, but then I feel like this polish has more glitter density than my Mint Chip did. Since I have no shade similar to the brown, I ended up applying three coats for full opacity. Not that I could control the outcome, but I do wish that the holographic teal glitter showcased itself more, since it catches the light so wonderfully in the bottle but not so much on the nail. If you're wondering if removal was made more difficult for it, then yes, this one was definitely more laborious than Mint Chip to take off.

I really enjoyed wearing Bluebird since it's fun, yet also more of a neutral. Unless, someone has the opportunity to take a close look at my nails, the glitter isn't very loud. So if you're looking for one yourself, check out Noelie's shop, Smitten Polish. Her polishes sell for $9 each and shipping is $3 plus $0.50 for each additional bottle. If you're  in Canada, then the shipping is $3.50 on the initial bottle. For international customers, the initial shipping price will be $5 and $1 for each additional bottle.

Oh, and if you haven't already noticed, I'm attempting to work a watermark into my photos. Placement has been rather tricky for me and I want to be at least a little clever about where I put it. We'll see how it works out. 

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  1. Such a unusual color combination for a glitter polish!