Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rimmel London: Autumn Catwalk

Hello again! I've been down and out with fever and horrible sinus pain towards the end of last week. I'm up and about now, but I still get fatigued pretty easily. Plus, there's no better way to lose your writing groove than being bed ridden. I was very excited to get my hands on this blush before getting sick though. For some reason, none of my local drugstores sell any of the Rimmel blushes. Believe me, I checked lots. I was finally able to find them at the Target located in a neighboring city.

Autumn Catwalk is fun to look at with the three shades of pink and Rimmel crown logo pressed into the powder. It sort of reminds me of neapolitan ice cream except with three different pink flavors.  The packaging says this is a "blendable powder blush and highlighter." I have my doubts about this being a highlighter though. The lightest pink shade is still too pink for me to be using it as a highlighter. But as a blush, the shades are beautiful.

The first three swatches in the photo above are of each section individually. The fourth one is a swatch of the lightest pink combined with the center peachy color. The fifth swatch is of the center color and the dark coral shade used together. Lastly, all three shades were blended together for the very last swatch on the right. 

Although each of the shades are quite pretty by themselves, this blush is best utilized by combining two of the shades or all three. I find that each section is rather small and it's a bit tricky attempting to pick up product on my brush from only one section of this blush, especially that pretty peach shade in the center. Moreover, this is such a soft and pigmented blush that all you need to do is tap your brush on it and you'd have enough product for one cheek. I made the mistake of trying to lightly run my brush through the shades I wanted to use and ended up with a mess of excess powder all over the packaging. I definitely won't be doing that again.

As for wearing this blush, I find that no matter which combination I choose, the effect is always very flattering to me. The tones are within more of the coral and peach families, which I find the easiest shades for me to wear. I also feel this blush will complement a variety of skin tones because you can control the intensity and pigmentation. Those with the palest of complexions will have to be sure to use a light hand since the pigmentation of this blush is so great it takes no effort to end up with clown cheeks.

Overall, I loved that this blush was very affordable and that the color payoff is wonderful. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of this one during the summer.

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