Friday, July 3, 2015

NYX Tres Jolie Gel Pencil Liner

So many liners it's getting harder to see the differences! Today I have another one that might just bump the NYX Slide-On and Rimmel Scandal Eyes pencils out of the running for me. At least for the black and brown shades. I was super tempted to just pick up both shades, but limited myself to brown because I don't have a brown liner anymore and hadn't replaced it yet.

Here we have the NYX Tres Jolie gel pencil liner in brown. This is a twist up pencil that is supposed to have gel liner in pencil format instead of in little pots where you have to use a brush. At the bottom of pencil, you can pull out a sharpener that just sharpens the crayon part of the pencil. The design is appealing because of it's convenience of minimal sharpening and readiness for a grab and apply type of person like me. I can't tell you how often I break the crayon part of the product while trying to sharpen the whole pencil.

The sharpener is quite dainty and I'd be careful about loosing it because it's such a small component, but it's super important for getting that pointed tip of the crayon. It's very easy to use since it fits perfectly on top of the opening where the crayon comes out. However, there is so much room for user error. The crayon is quite soft and I've actually tilted this sharpener by accident and completely broke the tip of the crayon. Oops. So if you're accident prone like me, I'd suggest sharpening when both your hands are stabilized. Plus, if you're looking for a fine point like you do with a regular pencil and sharpener, you won't get it with this sharpener. The best you can get is slightly more pointed than what you had when the crayon was brand new.

Technical stuff covered, lets go over the performance of the actual liner. I am so impressed with this liner. It is absolutely smudge proof and waterproof. It wore so well on me, that I had to just had to put it through it's paces with a swatch on the back on my hand. I basically let the swatch set, then rubbed like a maniac and ran it under water of which I proceeded to continue with rubbing under the water. I experienced only slight fading but that liner stayed and would not budge. I really doubt you'd be so rough with your eyes but I wanted to see how much staying power it had.

The liner is matte and goes on smoothly. The brown is really rich in color and dark enough for me that I'm having second thoughts on purchasing the black shade since I do have a few black liners that I should use up first. I will warn that this stuff sets quickly, so if you want to fiddle around with your liner with a brush or cotton bud, I'd be quick about it and do one eye at a time. I learned the hard way and ended up with a heavier liner look than intended because it was faster to just draw on more than to take away and reapply.

Since this is a waterproof liner, you have to wonder how much of a hassle removing it will be. At least for the brown shade, I had minimal issues. Wipes or my Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser removed it all easily with no residue left behind.

On an interesting note, the side of the box has examples of liner looks for inspiration.

The examples are pretty and run on the more experimental but having used this liner for a few days, I'd have to say that you'd need an angled brush or something to get those nice sharp wings.

I highly recommend this liner if you're looking for some no nonsense basic eyeliner that lasts through a lot of situations. I think it's smart to have the basic shades of black and brown sold because I think those shades sell most easily. I bought mine at Ulta and it is a bit pricey at $11.99, but Ulta puts NYX on sale pretty often and I got mine for 40% off. 

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