Tuesday, July 14, 2015

L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Midnight

I will admit, I'm a total mascara junkie. I can live without eyeliner but my makeup look will feel incomplete without mascara and curled lashes. So of course with a 40% off sale going on for NYX and L'oreal products, I was browsing the mascaras since I loved both the Miss Manga Eyes ones so much I wondered about the others that L'oreal was releasing.

I was a bit confused with selection of colors for the Butterfly line though as you have four colors: Black, Black Brown, Blackest Black, and Midnight Black. What? I just want the darkest shade available so I narrowed it down to either Blackest Black or Midnight Black of which I ended up with the latter. I really never understood this about mascara, from my understanding people either want the darkest black you can get or a shade with more brown in it. Plus, how do have something even blacker than Blackest Black anyway?

Moving on from my ranting, the Butterfly mascara comes with an asymmetrical rubber wand. As you can see from the pictures part of the triangular bit of the wand is hollowed out and not solid. One side also has shorter bristles to really place the product at the bottom of the lashes while the other side has longer ones that are meant for combing through and creating that fanned out effect.

I find that the formula and the brush work quite well together. The formula is creamy, so by no means dry, but it also isn't the wettest formula I've worked with. The packaging also claims that the formula is infused with 1.2 mm fibers that help create the length and volume for the lashes. The structure of the wand works great for my right eye. The long bristles and the triangular shape really combs through the outer lashes. I have a harder time trying to flip my wrist around to do the same for the left eye though. However, the creamy formula doesn't clump and flake so fussing around with my left eye isn't as frustrating as I feared it would be.

Before mascara and curled lashes.

After 2 coats of mascara.

So looking at my photos, does it look like 6 times the volume to you? There are no claims on length, but I'd say that the difference is pretty apparent. I've gained quite a bit of length and volume with the Butterfly mascara.

I don't know if I'd say that this mascara performed any better than some of the ones I reviewed in the past or the ones that I'm currently using. I certainly like the look I get with it, but I've got some mascaras that perform on par with the Voluminous Butterfly. What I do like to do with this mascara is put two coats on and then finish off with one coat of the Miss Manga Rock mascara for that extra volume boost. As much as I love the effect of Miss Manga Rock, it is somewhat of a fussy mascara, especially when I want multiple coats.

Besides the final effect for the lashes, Voluminous Butterfly also claims to be smudge-free in addition to no clump-free and flake-free. I experienced very minimal smudging with this mascara. Almost barely there, but it's definitely not as good as my Miss Manga Rock in this category. And as mentioned before, the formula does not clump or flake, which is fantastic.

Overall, I'd say Voluminous Butterfly is quite reliable and I was able to get it for under $4 with the offer. What this mascara has done is make me want to try more L'oreal mascaras in general since I've had good experiences with 3 of them so far. 

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