Sunday, March 30, 2014

NYX Love in Paris: Let Them Eat Cake

Well, it's been a few weeks. I have had a hard time keeping up with this blog while going to school and working a full time job. Whenever there is free time available, lets just say I have been really appreciating that free time as personal time.

Today, I bring you the NYX Love in Paris, Let Them Eat Cake palette. I suppose the interest in this one I've been seeing around the net is influenced by the oh so hyped release of the Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette. I, myself, fell into that category and decided to give this one a try, but to be honest, I couldn't help myself and went ahead and bought the Naked 3.

Let's start with the packaging. The design is rather compact and sturdy, being a plastic case and the clasp is shaped as a cute bow. In addition, it is nice and flat with makes it easy to travel with. It also comes with one double ended sponge tip applicator.

The shades in this palette consists mostly of tones of pink and are accented by various degrees of brown. I figure the brown shades are for the crease. Most of the shades are decently pigmented except for one. It's that matte muted pink one in very top right corner in the photo above.

So I have two angles I took the photos from, bare with me please. The colors are, however, swatched in the same order as it appears in the palette.

Beginning with the most left column from the top, we have a slightly matte maroon toned brown that is verging on the sheer side. It's still pigmented enough though to work with but you'd run less risk of going wrong using this shade for a smokey look. Right below in the center, you have a cream shade that flashes pink. I could not photograph that flash of pink no matter how much I contorted my hand under different lights. Unfortunately, this shade matched my skin pretty well and just sort of blends right in. This shade is lovely in texture, being soft and velvety and the color appeared quite pigmented on my fingertips which are pinker. Last you have a medium satin brown that is just as nice as the center shade.

Moving on to the middle column, we have a more mauve toned pink with golden shimmer. Right below it, we have a more peachy pink that is somewhat pearly or satiny. Both of these shades are soft and velvety as well. The pigmentation on both are decent and can be built. The last pink in this column is a cool, slightly shimmery pink. The texture on this one is harder and the pigmentation is not something I'd really compliment on, but it can be built up.

Finally, the last column continues with more pinks and a rich brown. Starting at the top, there is a muted cool toned pink shade that is matte. This one is probably the worst shadow out of all of the shadows in this palette. It's very hard in texture and has poor color payoff. If you must use that shade, I'd suggest using the last one in this column because that one is very similar but is nice and soft with better pigmentation. As for the brown in the middle, it is wonderfully dark and pigmented with some golden shimmer.

My overall opinion about this palette is positive. The shades I do like are well pigmented and I've created some nice looks with this palette. It's versatile as well because of the first column on the left, so you can choose to go more subtle. If you like smokey looks, this palette does have shades that are easily blendable and you'll have a smokey eye look in no time. If you're on the search for a rosy eye shadow palette for an affordable price, I'd definitely recommend this one.

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