Sunday, February 9, 2014

Deborah Lippmann: Boom Boom Pow

So this is a bit late for the Christmas holiday, but this polish and this combination actually works out very well for Lunar New Year too, which was on January 31st! With Valentine's Day headed our way, I figured this would work too.

For these photos, I have Boom Boom Pow layered over Color Club's Berry and Bright. I absolutely love Boom Boom Pow. It's packed with large and small gold hex glitter, which is all suspended in a base that is full of golden fleck glitter. The tone of gold leans more towards the cooler side to my eye. It's nowhere near brassy, I think.

The application is wonderful, although some of the larger hex glitters will move around with the brush strokes. I had to fiddle a bit with that, but overall, I'd say there isn't a lot of fuss.

This one gets a definite thumbs up from me, although the price definitely lets you know that you're paying for luxury. I no longer have the little box it came in, but it did claim to have actual 24K gold dust in it. I suppose that justifies the extravagant price? Just a tad? Luckily for me, this one was also a gift, so I have no chance of experiencing buyer's remorse. 

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