Sunday, March 31, 2013

Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher: #2 Smile Pink

Hello again! I hope March has been good to all of you. It's been a busy month for me with plenty of attention splitting events, so I haven't been putting my focus much on makeup lately. When I did have the chance to wear makeup, I made sure to reach my Etude House Peach Cheek Blusher. I really wanted to give this one a full test run, so this was my only blush for this month.

The concept for this blush is rather interesting. As seen above, the cap has an attached sponge that picks up the color. In addition, within the cap is a spring loaded mechanism that allows you to push down on it. So I'm assuming that the idea is to literally stamp the blush on your cheeks. If you're wondering what that's going to look like, please reference my swatch down below.

Excuse my overall paleness here, the light was doing my skin no favors, but the blush color is very accurate! Now back to the stamping concept, it does work and does allow for very precise placement of your blush. However, unless you want to look like Raggedy Ann, I suggest blending after the initial application. A brush does the job of blending out those harsh edges pretty easily.

My shade is #2 Smile Pink, a matte cool toned pink. I'd like to point out that in the pan this blush looks rather warm toned, but once swatched it's decidedly cooler. Compared to my Tarte Dollface blush, which I consider a straight up medium pink, Smile Pink is lighter and brighter. This is a sheer blush though so usually I'd go back and apply a bit more. I do appreciate the fact that I don't have to worry about over applying blush with this one, especially on those mornings I'm a bit rushed.

Overall, I'd call this a novelty. The packaging is cute and not too big to be cumbersome, but the quality of the blush isn't something to write home about. It's good but not outstanding. I believe my mom paid somewhere close to $20 for this when she was in Vietnam, so it is an expensive curiosity. I don't actually own any shade of pink blush like this one surprisingly enough so in some round about way, I'd say this was worth it for me.

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