Sunday, January 13, 2013

Physicians Formula: Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara

The few things I expect from my mascara is that it doesn't clump or smudge despite not being waterproof and that it thickens while lengthening. Through trying several mascaras, the one point that has never been completely met has been the smudging. With this Physicians Formula mascara, I think I've come the closest to that goal to date.

This particular mascara claims to be 100% natural and 47% organic. Also on the plus side, the brush is 100% recyclable too! The packaging itself is quite unique in it's attempt to mimic a leaf shape all while being highly reflective and shiny. Although the shape is non-standard, I found that it did not hinder my application process at all.

The brush is on the larger side and is of the rubber bristle variety. One interesting feature of the brush is that it  is flexible on the wand. I'm not quite sure of the benefit of this ability, but it was worth a mention. The brush itself works well in separating my lashes, I feel. Plus the bristles on the tip are just long enough to deal delicately with those inner and outer corner lashes. I also noticed that I did not have a lot of excess mascara on the brush as I pulled it out of the tube, except for the very tip which was easy to clean. 

The formula for this mascara is amazingly good right out of the tube. It's drier and doesn't clump all my lashes together as I sweep the brush through. It also does a good job of thickening my lashes without giving me tarantula looking ones. The one thing I am most pleased about with this mascara is that it's the most smudge resistant one I've experienced so far. This is also including Cover Girl Lashblast 24Hr (which supposedly isn't waterproof). Around the 7 to 8 hour mark I noticed some smudging but it was so significantly less than every other mascara I've tried, I couldn't help but be impressed and I've tried both high end and drugstore mascaras. 

Before mascara.

After mascara is applied.

Strangely enough, this mascara seems to be the most water soluble one too. I'm a very teary yawner and if my eyes flood with tears, I noticed some of my mascara will come off while I'm wearing it as I take care of the tears, which is somewhat perplexing since Organic Wear is the least smudging mascara for me thus far. So as you can imagine removing this mascara was a breeze. I suggest that if it looks to be a rainy day, it's probably best not to go with this one because it is so water soluble. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with my first try of Physicians Formula mascara and will plan to repurchase it in the future when I run out. 


  1. Replies
    1. It's definitely a standout in my drawer! I love looking at it.

  2. I love how much it seperates your lashes!! Very amazing!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I do love how easy this one was to use. It's been my first choice these last few of weeks.