Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

With the winter arriving soon, I wanted to try some jewel toned eye looks, but was looking for more a subtle way to wear it. Visiting Sune, I noticed that they were stocking a new Korean brand called Holika Holika, which looked so cutely packaged, I had to browse for a bit. I don't wear eyeliner as often these days, but when I came across these Jewel Light Waterproof pencils, I fell in love with the smooth texture and the rich colors. Currently Sune only carries 5 shades.

I purchased No. 3 Lapis Lazuli and No. 8 Pink Topaz. Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful reflective navy and Pink Topaz is more of a highly shiny pinkish toned champagne shade. Both are quite generous with the fine shimmer, but they apply quite smoothly with barely any noticeable gritty feeling. There is some time to play around with smudging and whatnot when the pencil is applied, but once it sets the line drawn really won't budge at all. I've worn Lapis Lazuli for more than 8 hours and experienced no noticeable smudging underneath my eyes. I also did not have any fallout from the shimmering bits in the eyeliner. Unless you're the type to really rub your eyes quite vigorously, there should be no risk of glitter being where it's not supposed to.

These eyeliners to claim to waterproof and I feel that they do live up to that claim. Water alone did not affect the swatches I made. However, warm water along with a cleanser removed the eyeliner for me. I also tried using my Clinique eye make up remover and that worked like a charm as well.  

I wish the photos did more justice to the colors, but with how shiny and reflective they were, my camera just could not capture how alive these shades were. I usually wear Lapis Lazuli with very minimal eyeshadow and Pink Topaz on the inner corner of my bottom lash line to open up the eyes. The navy eyeliner is such a nice subtle pop of color for everyday wear.

As I was choosing which shades I wanted to buy, I thought these pencils really felt like plastic automatic types. But they didn't twist up at all so I asked the sales girl about them and it turns out these pencils sharpen just like any other. Once you start sharpening, it turns out that the casing is actually black and very easy to shave.

Do be careful though since the product itself is rather soft and could break during the sharpening process even thought the outside shaves away quite smoothly.

Apparently there are 12 color selections in total with these eyeliners. Hopefully Sune will stock them since I'm pretty curious about the more earthy jeweled shades. I bought mine for $9.99 each at Sune.

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