Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Glaze: Glistening Snow

So here I am, back with a Black Friday purchase that wasn't actually part of any Black Friday deals. The Sally Beauty Supply I visited was actually near a Best Buy, so while my brother visited there, I went to check out the holiday nail polishes and it looks as though holo glitters and such are going to be the next big thing in nail polish from what previews I've been able to glean lately.

Glistening Snow is a bright silver holographic glitter suspended in a clear base. The glitter is rather fine and packed into the bottle. I only needed two coats to basically have full coverage. Since I was using early morning sunlight for my pictures, you can still see some of my nails through the glitter in the photos, but trust me when I say that in person, this polish is so shiny and sparkly that you'll hardly notice it.

I call this polish a bright silver because under some lighting it can look almost like a metallic white instead of a grayer toned silver metal. The light just really loves to play with this one. Since applying this polish, I've been continually entertained whenever I look at my nails. It's especially gorgeous when the holographic effect is really shimmering and sparkling on all ten nails.

I will say that the formula is a bit thick. The first coat was fine, but the second coat didn't glide on a I would have liked. Next time I'll have to add some thinner before painting. Also, the clean up was trickier too since the glitter wasn't swiping off as easily with my small clean up brush soaked in nail polish remover. So I'd definitely recommend just taking your time applying this one to limit any clean up you need to do.

If you're looking for the full effect of the holographic glitter, I suggest grabbing your top coat. After Glistening Snow dried, the polish took on more of a duller shine, almost matte. Once the top coat was over it, you can definitely tell the difference. Keep in mind though that this polish is a bit of a sponge and will soak up that top coat leaving my nail polish with that glitter roughness but still having the shine from the top coat.

Overall, I really like the look of this polish and I'm willing to deal with the minor issues that it comes along with. Now I just need to see if the glitter will give me problems during removal. I'll probably come back to this post and edit about my experience when that happens.

EDIT: So I've just taken this polish off using Sally's Beauty Supply nail polish remover. The experience was surprising since the glitter didn't rip up the cotton pad I was using. It did take longer though to remove all the glitter, but I was able to limit myself to only three cotton pads that stayed intact during the process. So if you absolutely hate how glitter usually acts like it's cemented to your nail but absolutely love the sparkle, I'd say Glistening Snow is a happy medium. 


  1. Very pretty! I see what you mean about how it shifts in different lights--I did think it was a white matte glitter when I glanced at the first photo.

  2. I really like the look of this! I hope to pick one up soon.