Friday, July 20, 2012

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips: Nude Eyes

Lately, I've been really favoring natural eye make up. Although I already own Urban Decay's Naked palette, I can't seem to stop myself from buying more neutral eyeshadows. Plus, the packaging on this one was so cute I really couldn't help but want it.

The Nude Eyes shimmer strips contains nine different shimmery shades that range from light neutrals, such as sandy and peachy shades, to darker ones like browns and taupes. Three of the shades are supposedly your liner colors, but I don't think they turn out as well used in that manner. The texture of these shadows are also rather unusual to me. When I first swatched them, they felt very condensed yet somewhat creamy. I found that applying these shadows with either a sponge tip or a synthetic brush yielded the best results. Now to discuss the shades in this little palette, I took the liberty of numbering all the shades and we'll have a break down of how these eyeshadows work out.

Let's start with the liners that couldn't be. Numbers 1, 4, and 7 are supposed to be the liners, however, I find 4 and 7 fall short, especially since I prefer to use 7 as my all over lid shade! I haven't used the black shade as a liner by itself, but I find it does work well in setting my eyeliner. Numbers 2, 5, and 8 are actually the medium shades that go over the lid, although 2 is rather dark and seems to perform better as a contour for me. Lastly, the brow bone highlights are numbers 3, 6, and 9 of which, I like using 3 as an all over lid shade instead.

As for the configuration, this shimmer strip is set up to be three sets of trios as indicated by the back of the box it came in. Trio #1 really didn't work out at all for me, leaving me with an entirely frosty look without a dark enough contour. Trio #2 worked best for me if I ignored the liner and used it as my crease shade instead and supplemented my own eyeliner and trio #3 lacked a highlight, since the highlight shade was used as  the lid color and the dark brown was more suited for a contour. I also prefer to use my own eyeliner for this trio and set it with that black shade.

Not quite sure about that bit of math there...

Included is also an angled sponged tip applicator with a nice clear handle. I quite like using sponge tip applicators but the shape of this one made swiping color all over my lid difficult and I lacked control with it. The pointed tip of the sponge tip also picked up and applied the eyeshadow rather inefficiently which made it not worth the trouble to use at all. I would have much rather have had a regular rounded sponge tip applicator to use.

Overall, I really like this shimmer strip from Physicians Formula and recommend it for those looking for a portable neutral palette with lots of cute appeal. I will say that you'll find lots of versatility once you ignore the instructions on the box and start experimenting. I didn't fully appreciate this little gem until I decided to disregard the designed functions of the shades and used them as I'd rather to.

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