Sunday, October 9, 2016

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Well, it's certainly been a very long time since I've made any posts on this blog. I've been going through some big life changes and adjustments in goals. My beauty stash has also undergone a downsizing as I try to live my life by "need instead of want." However, some essentials will always stay put in my make up collection, such as the brow pencil below.

My current routine these days includes strong brows. I've taken to having them look neat, but at the same time, as full as possible. Earlier in the year, I loved using my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil in Chocolate. However, with how bold I prefer my brows to look and the fact that it's an everyday staple, I went through that product pretty quickly and I just couldn't justify going out and buying another even though I loved it.

The NYX Micro Brow Pencil was something I heard was comparable to the Brow Wiz and at practically half the price, I had to try it once I ran out of my Anastasia pencil. Surprisingly, NYX's Micro Pencil in Chocolate looks almost like a dupe for Anastasia's Brow Wiz is some lights. Can you tell much of difference from the swatches below?

So far, I haven't seen any difference with the texture or wear time of the product as compared to Brow Wiz. The Micro Pencil is firm but easy to apply and the pigmentation is great. The color stays put for a full work day and then some but blends well enough with the spoolie. The spoolie is another feature that I appreciate. The thinner design and shorter bristles make blending and brushing the brow hairs a more precise effort.

The one of the con for the Micro Pencil is the design of the caps for either end of product for the crayon and the spoolie. Unlike the Brow Wiz, which have the caps being the same exact size, the Micro Pencil has a shorter cap for the spoolie. Twice now, I've crushed the crayon by trying to recap using the shorter cap. My habit is to have both ends uncapped for convenience and efficiency, but since both caps are black and are not that noticeably different in size, the mistake was very easily made. I now uncap each end as I go, but I do regret the waste of perfectly good product.

Overall, I highly recommend trying out the Micro Brow Pencil. The range has seven shades, which is a lot more than some other affordable brands out there. Additionally, if you have an Ulta near you, NYX has sales where you can buy one and get one 50% off, so it can be even more affordable if your timing is right. 

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